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Congress recently passed the Fixing America’s Surface Transportation Act (“FAST”).  Included in the FAST Act is Section 7345 of the Internal Revenue Code, which requires the IRS to provide information to the U.S. State Department about people who owe $50,000 or more in tax debt....

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In July property owners throughout California will receive Property Value Notices (“Notice”) from the county assessor’s office.  The Notice is not a bill.  At least it isn’t a bill YET.  The Notice basically states that the property referenced in the notice has been reviewed by...

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A friend or family member has recently passed away and has appointed you as the executor of their will.  So what know? 

The executor of a will is tasked with the responsibility of carrying out the decedents wishes as expressed in their will.  This entails enormous...

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What is a Living Trust? 

A Living Trust is a legal document which acts a lot like a Will but does so much more.  It is extremely flexible, allowing you to do more than what a Will allows.  Title to your assets is transferred...

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Top Three Reasons for Setting up a Revocable Trust & Avoiding Probate


1. Probate Avoidance

Probate is a court process which involves collecting a decedent's assets, notifying creditors, paying liabilities, and distributing the remaining assets to heirs.  In California the time needed to probate a decedents...

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Over the past few years the Internal Revenue Service has been spending a tremendous amount of time and resources monitoring and enforcing the filing requirements on foreign bank and financial accounts.  Many have heard the term FBAR, which stands for Report of Foreign...

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For more information about how to save money this Tax Season




The Law Office of Steven F. Schroeder, PC...

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•    Employ spouse and deduct medical expenses for entire family including sole proprietor.

•    Employ spouse and deduct fringe benefits.

•    Contribute to SEP, Simple or Keogh instead of IRA and increase deductible contribution amount.

•    Employ a child and save Social...

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