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Over the past several years as taxpayers have endured the Great Recession the Internal Revenue Service (“IRS”) has escalated the number of federal tax liens, bank levies and wage garnishments used against delinquent taxpayers.  The IRS aggressive collection tactics was criticized by the National Taxpayer Advocate in a report to congress.  As a result the IRS has become more flexible in dealing with past due taxes.

If a taxpayer owes less than $50,000 the revised procedures may allow the taxpayer up to 72 months to pay their tax obligations.  You can request a payment plan by filing Form 9465.  Payment plans can also be setup online at  Before setting up an installment agreement you should consider other less costly alternatives, such as bank loans or using available credit on a credit card.

The IRS has also modified the procedures for taxpayers to obtain lien withdrawals.  Liens will now be withdrawn once full payment of taxes is made if the taxpayer requests it.  Additionally, if the taxpayer establishes a Direct Debit Installment Agreement (“DDIA”) the IRS, after a probationary period, may withdraw the lien.  Please call to find out the specific requirements.

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