About Steven F. Schroeder

Mr. Schroeder is a California Bar Certified Attorney, Enrolled Agent, and California Real Estate Broker with a background in tax, accounting and estate planning.

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A Recognized Authority

The Law Office of Steven F. Schroeder, PC is a firm focused on estate planning and taxation.  For the past three years Mr. Schroeder has been named as one of the top estate planning and tax attorneys in CA by Orange Coast Magazine.  He is one of approximately 400 of the 250,000 lawyers in California that is certified as a tax specialist by the California State Bar.  AVVO has awarded Mr. Schroeder a 10.0 rating – the highest rating given to practicing lawyers in the nation.

Understanding your needs is Critical

You need an attorney/ tax advisor who understands your unique needs. Such an advisor should bring relevant experience from a wide number of fields to help you solve and anticipate potential problems. He must be a business person, an attorney, and a financial consultant with a strong accounting background who will be part of your team. That's our philosophy and that what we bring to you.

Our work is custom tailored to fit your business and your personal needs. Let us take care of the legal issues and tax matters which can bog down your business and personal lives. Our approach begins with complete flexibility, plus a good dose of creativity and common sense. We will work with you as much as possible to reduce any and all costs. Or if you prefer, we can handle any or all phases of your legal needs.

Good Service is the Cornerstone

An attorney is expected to provide prompt, timely service. He should be available by day and in emergencies at night. He should provide service that reflects the concern, and interest he has in his client's affairs. The attorney should consider each and every one of his clients to be his best client. He looks out for that client's best interests. These are the rules by which we run our practice.

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